Unilever POND'S

As a vital part of this 175-year-old skincare brand's digital transformation, our main goal is to revitalize and adapt to evolving consumer trends by establishing global e-commerce websites, enhancing social media presence, and creating engaging digital content.


POND'S reigns as Unilever's prominent brand in Asia. As a key component of their digital transformation strategy, I led a small team of designers in executing a comprehensive overhaul of their e-commerce websites across 18+ countries. These sites provide contextual product recommendations, using factors like PSI air pollution and UV index based on geolocation. We also integrated Skin Advisor Live (SAL) for tailored skincare regimens and enhanced their social media to connect with a younger audience.

These efforts not only boosted the brand's online visibility but also helped to increase sales 37% faster than before in the region, resonating well with the younger and dynamic audience.

  • Led the global design and e-commerce integration of POND'S websites, optimizing digital presence.
  • Implemented context-based product recommendations tied to geolocation factors like PSI air pollution and UV index. Integrated POND'S Skin Advisor Live (SAL) for personalized skincare guidance.
  • Strengthened social media outreach to engage with a younger demographic.
  • Achieved a 37% faster growth in sales within the region.

E-commerce Integration


Initially, their websites primarily functioned as information hubs, where they shared product details and promotions. In our reassessment of their information architecture, our goal was to transform the platform into a definitive showcase, establishing them as authoritative figures in skincare—an homage to their extensive 175-year heritage. We also began the process of integrating e-commerce:

  • Expert Advice: Get insights and recommendations from skincare experts
  • Comprehensive Skin Types: Understand your skin type thoroughly
  • Product Recommendations: Get personalized product suggestions
  • User Reviews: Access and share reviews and experiences
  • Social Media: Connect with skincare content on social platforms
  • Exclusive Content: Unlock premium content with a subscription

Additionally, we integrated Skin Advisor Live (SAL), a tool that provides personalized skincare insights. This empowers users to understand their skin concerns by uploading an image and answering tailored questions. The platform then offers personalized product recommendations based on the assessment, ensuring that skincare advice remains adaptive and relevant.

POND'S Digital Reach


I managed POND'S overall online presence, which includes online campaign visuals, online banners, product promotional videos for social platforms, social media engagement posts, as well as our new masterbrand campaign microsite centered around the brand's proposition "Strength to be Soft," featuring stories of people demonstrating resilience and gentleness in challenging situations worldwide.

Our aim was to boost engagement, expand our digital presence and reach as part of the brand's digital transformation.